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Magnesium (MgO 7%) Mono 1L - CANNA

Magnesium (MgO 7%) Mono 1L - CANNA

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If your plants have a deficiency problem, this could be the solution.

Mononutrients are necessary for plant growth. Because magnesium is required for photosynthesis, CANNA Mono Magnesium can aid. This can be utilised with any nutritional range, including CANNA.

CANNA Magnesium is required for photosynthesis to occur. In chlorophyll, it is a necessary atom. Magnesium also has an impact on other pigments and physiological processes. As a result, it is a crucial component in the plant's development.

CANNA Magnesium can be taken directly by the plant, therefore the results can be noticed right away. It can be used as a magnesium deficient fertiliser as well as a supplemental mineral to boost growth and bloom.