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50L Light-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

50L Light-Mix Potting Soil - Biobizz

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LightMix - what exactly does it mean?

It's ideal for all sorts of seedlings, including germinations, cuttings, and seedlings.
Organic catalysts are produced when water interacts with soil, speeding up the formation of root structures. To ensure optimal drainage across the property, automatic watering systems require a specific mix of LightMix®.

What can I do with it?

Using this Soil, you don't have to be concerned about overloading the soil and causing nutrient burn, which results in yellowing and crispy, burned tips on the leaves. Otherwise, the substrate would get too wet and mouldy due to the lack of proper water penetration.

The pH and EC measurements are shown  below.

Biobizz® products do not include mineral salts like magnesium or sulphates, which are commonly found in synthetic fertilisers. Consequently, LightMixEC ®'s value is medium. While organic substances cannot be quantified, they have a self-regulatory mechanism that aids in controlling pH levels.