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Iron (Fe) Mono 1L - CANNA

Iron (Fe) Mono 1L - CANNA

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Iron is a vital nutrient for plants, as it is involved in the production of chlorophyll and plays a key part in photosynthesis.

It has a significant impact on physiological processes as well as the energy budget.
The plant absorbs liquid iron chelate right away.
It is compatible with all fertilisers and is stable at all pH levels.


The iron fertiliser, which is used to treat iron deficiency among other things.
-As a supplement to promote flowering and growth.


0.75 ml / litre maintenance dose: 1:1500 => (10 mm / l)

1:1000 => (15 mm / l) deficit 1 millilitre

1:500 => (30 mm / l) 2 ml / litre Severe shortage


All of the necessary nutrients are present in the proper proportions in a good fertiliser.
An excessive amount of iron not only harms the plant, but it also hinders phosphate absorption. As a result, be cautious when distributing.

Fe is made up of 0.1 percent iron (0.05 percent Fe-DTPA and 0.05 percent Fe-EDDHA)