Iguana Juice Grow - Advanced Nutrients

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Because no other organic 1-part base nutrient has such a comprehensive array of primary, secondary, and amino-chelated micronutrients as does True Organics Iguana Juice, it is crucial for organic producers.

It's the only certified organic, one-part foundation nutrition that contains exclusively organic ingredients.
Contains the essential ingredients in the precise quantities and ratios essential for healthy root and leaf growth. The vital components for robust root development and lush vegetative growth may be found in True Organics Iguana Juice Grow.
With True Organics Iguana Juice Bloom, you can ensure that your crops get everything they need to produce really remarkable, bud-rich yields.

True Organics Iguana Juice is great for growing plants in containers since its innovative quadrafilter manufacturing method removes any particles that may clog an emitter, resulting in an organic composition that flows easily and does not convert to sludge in any hydroponic system.

With just a single component, preparation is as easy as measuring out the specified amount from the label and pouring.

All the macronutrients, secondary nutrients, micronutrients, and co-factors necessary for optimal growth and yield are included in the supplied 1-part basic nutrient for iguana cultivation.

This product is loaded with 20 L-amino acids, minerals, and vitamins vital to plant development since it contains fresh water liquid fish hydrolysate and yeast extract.
This solution promotes optimal growth and blooming by giving vital plant-derived chelated minerals
This kind of prolonged, gradual feeding ensures that your plant has access to all of the nutrients it needs during its entire vegetative and flowering stages.
To prevent nutrients from clumping together and improve absorption, it includes lignosulfonates.