Hailea Air Pump Four Outlet

Hailea Air Pump Four Outlet

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The Hailea ACO-2206 is a four output air pump for pumping air through airlines and into submerged airstones or for arerating DWC and bubble pot systems.

Air is taken in on the underside of the unit and an oscillating diaphragm pushes the air through the four output nozzles on the front of the unit. The air-pressure produced is good for the size of the unit and is very steady.

Sturdy construction and special rubber feet on the base of pump to reduce noise to a low level.

In addition power consumption is also low at only 8 watts.

  • Produces an output 4 x 2.5 litres per minute
  • Constructed with quality components for reliability
  • Rubber feet reduce vibration
  • Only 4 watts power consumption
  • Quad output for driving four airlines
  • Great for oxygenating your nutrient reservoir
Technical Specification
Air flow: 4 x 2.5 litres per minute
Noise: <40dB
Power Consumption: 8 Watts
Dimensions: 188mm × 120mm × 100mm