Hailea HX2500 Water Pump - 650 L/hr

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Nutrient pumping in NFT is simple with the HX series (Nutrient film technique). The ability to filter away detritus and slow the growth of algae makes it a valuable water pump. Can be used in both indoor and outdoor water features like as fountain sculptures, streams, and Hydroponic sumps.

Since the shaft of the Hailea HX2500 is constructed from premium stainless steel, it may be used in either saltwater or freshwater environments. The suction-cupped feet of the pump allow it to be fastened to either the glass of the tank or a flat plastic base.

Flow regulation that adapts in real time.
Including suction cup feet for easy installation.
Capability to function when water levels are low.

The HX-2500 and HX-4500 both include a mixing attachment that allows for substantial aeration of the water while the pump is in operation. This results in a significantly increased concentration of oxygen (O2) in the water.

These compact pumps can function even when the water level is low thanks to their completely adjustable flow rate regulators (unlike the HX-2500). Both the HX2500 and the HX-4500 come with oxygen intakes as standard.
The actual flow rates of these pumps are specified in the options below. These pumps require these fittings, thus a reducer may be necessary

HX-800 = 13mm flexible pipe.
HX1500 = 10mm, 13mm supply pipe, 13mm flexible pipe
HX2500 = equals a 13mm supply pipe or flexible pipe.
HX4500 = 19mm flexible pipe or supply.

Submersible Pump Type. Pump
Flow: 650.0
The voltage can be between 110 and 120 volts, 
The voltage can be between 110 and 120 volts, 
0.50 kilogrammes
Indicated power output: 50/60 Hz, 220-240V
Using 10W of energy.