Hailea HX-8890 8000LPH Water Pump

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Hailea HX8890 Water Pump - 8000L/h high quality, high performance water pump designed to move large volumes of liquids effectively.
Corrosion resistant ABS plastic body
Mounted suction cups for easy positioning
High quality resin helps form a sealed unit

Reliability - Built to last This unit features a large filter screen Submersible pumps prevent contaminants from passing through the pump and into the plumbing system, reducing the potential for clogging and increasing efficiency when used in hydroponic systems.
Blockage or equipment failure can lead to desiccation of the root system. When this happens, there is only a short window of time to fix the problem before the plant is irreparably damaged.

Using a pump of this quality can greatly reduce the chances of this happening.
Hailea's Submersible Water Pump Use:

This is ideal for use in hydroponic systems that require nutrient transfer to the tank area such as:
To use this pump, screw one of the outlet fittings onto the top of the unit and connect the pipe.
Place the device in the desired position and secure it with the suction cup on the bottom.
Keep the 3-prong plug away from liquids at all times.
This is a very powerful device. So always make sure the water flow is directed away from the power supply before plugging it in and connecting it to the mains power supply.

Ceramic shaft for both fresh and salt water (perfect for handling nutrient solutions).
Double water cooling structure for quick heat dissipation.
High quality ABS plastic case resistant to alkali and corrosion.
Firmly fixed with suction cups.
applications include pumps, oxygenation, wave generation/pulse NFT, and filtration.
These pumps are designed for continuous use.

Flow Rate: 8000 liters per hour
Max Jet Height: 5.0m
Power Consumption: 200W
Outlet Tube Size: 25mm