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Hailea Airpump. Colour Blue. Dimensions: 156mm × 95mm × 75mm

Hailea - Air Pump {3.3 L/min)

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The Hailea ACO-2204 is an excellent twin output air pump that doesn't break the bank. This pump can generate an airflow of 2.0 litres per minute, making it ideal for oxygenating a reservoir or powering an aqua farm.

Hailea is well known for producing high-quality air pumps for aquariums.
Generates a flow rate of 2 x 2 l/min
Consists of high-grade materials to ensure longevity in use.
Reduces vibration thanks to rubber feet.
Utilizes only 4 watts of energy.
Twin power for powering two airliners
Excellent for aerating your nutrient tank or powering your hydroponics or aquaponics operation.

The inner workings of the Hailea ACO-2204 - 2 Outlet Low Cost Air Pump
Hailea ACO-2204 is an inexpensive twin output air pump that can be used to force air through two airlines and into water-based air stones or to power an aqua farm/water farm. The unit draws air in from underneath, and then uses an oscillating diaphragm to force the air out of two nozzles at the front. When compared to its compact stature, the unit's consistent air pressure is impressive. The unit's minimal noise and low power consumption are the result of its solid build and unique rubber feet.

How to Use the Hailea ACO-2204 - 2 Outlet Budget Air Pump:
It's best to aerate a reservoir that's above ground level, so set up your air pump on a flat, firm surface adjacent to the reservoir. Assemble your air lines by sliding them over the ridges of the output nozzles and tightening the connections. It may be easier to press the air-lines on if you soak the end of the air-line in warm water to soften it. Put in the reservoir, and connect the airstones you've chosen to the air lines. Because air pressure decreases with distance, it's preferable to maintain air lines as short as feasible. Connect the air compressor to a standard wall socket and turn it on. Now that it is hooked up, the air pump will draw air in from below the unit and force it up the air line and out the air stone.

Always make sure that the air pump is elevated above the reservoir's water level. Water will likely harm your air pumps if they are located below the water line and there is an unexpected power interruption or trip out. To further ensure that back-siphoning cannot take place, we advise installing check-valves (one-way or non-return valve) in the air-line.

Two times two litres of air per minute
The noise level is below 40 decibels.
Uses only 4 watts of electricity.
Dimentions: 156mm x 95mm x 75mm