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Hailea 9630 Air pump. Silver Colour. Dimensions (LxWxH): 248 x 176 x 137mm

Hailea ACO-9630

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The ACO-9630 is designed to pump water in a hydroponics or aquarium system without introducing any contaminants.
Built-in rubber feet dampen vibration and noise, and flexible outlet configurations do away with bulky manifolds.

Product Type: Air
Flow Rate: 16 L/min
Pressure: 0.15 bar 
Number of ounces: 2.7
Connector Size: 4mm, 8 outputs
Power: 15w
Approximately 3-16 liters/min.
Powerful, pollution-free pumping thanks to a cutting-edge design that eliminates the need for oil. Incredible efficiency, starting at just 2W.
Ergonomic, compact housing with adjustable flow rate.
In this way, manifolds are unnecessary, as there are multiple outlet choices.
Built-in rubber feet dampen vibrations and keep noise levels down. Easy, inexpensive maintenance.