Grow Gadget Budget EC Meter
Grow Gadget Budget EC Meter
Grow Gadget Budget EC Meter
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Grow Gadget Budget EC Meter

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Grow Gadgets Budget EC Meter is an easy to use EC pen. The pen works by measuring the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution via electrodes on the bottom of the pen. The meter then displays the measurement on an LCD display.

These commonly used meters will monitor the amount of nutrients in the soil allowing the grower to react according to the reading.
Measures in µS/cm - divide by 1000 to get the eqivalent EC value...
This allows the user to be able to fine-tune the strength of their nutrient solution for optimal plant growth It comes in a protective case with a small screwdriver for easy calibration.
For growers on a budget, this Grow EC Meter is great value for money.
The EC Meter comes calibrated so no need for calibration when new.

Recommended you recalibrate every 10 measurements to maintain your meters accuracy.

EC Meter Specs
Range: 0 - 1999 μS/cm
Resolution: 1
Accuracy: + or - 2%
Batteries: 4 x 1.5v (700 hours of use)
Dimensions: 150mm x 29mm x 20mm
Weight: 51g