Growbitz Humidifier 4.5L

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The Growbitz Humidifier 4.5L can be used to increase plant growth by releasing water particles into a grow room's atmosphere, which in turn increases the moisture content of the atmosphere.

As a result, plants receive an abundance of humidity, which aids in their growth.

Increases the rate of plant growth
Water retention is improved.
Pumping Capacity: 350ml/h Power Consumption: 30W Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50Hz Tank Size: 4.5L
Humidity levels in the grow room are dramatically increased by the Growbitz Humidifier. If you're looking for a humidifier that can be used in any part of the house, this is a great option.

To get the most out of your harvest, you must provide your plant the right conditions to thrive! Your ultimate product will reflect that you gave them the correct conditions to thrive rather than just survive!

What are the benefits of having a high level of moisture in the air?
Through their leaves, plants lose water as they mature (also known as stomata). As a result, the amount of water plants emit through their leaves will increase, creating stress and ill health. A humidifier and increasing the humidity level in your space can have a more positive impact on your plants' growth and health.

The 4.5-liter humidifier should be utilised in an area no larger than 2.4m × 1.2m, according to the manufacturer's specifications..