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Grow-Genius Mono-Silic Acid

Grow-Genius Mono-Silic Acid

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Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic Acid is a game changer.

You will see faster, stronger and healthier plants that have a natural resistance to pests and pathogens.

Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic Acid is suitable for use in soil, coco or hydroponics systems. Use alongside any nutrient range, just drop your old silicon product for this.

The benefits are numerous and the application is simple. This comes highly recommended by Grown Up Hydroponics.

Benefits Include:

Improved structure.
Increased yield.
Stronger plants.
Resistant to heat fluctuations, drought, pests and disease.
Made in the UK.
Strong dilution ratio.

Application Rates: 0.3ml per 10L of clean water to the roots (Once a week) and 0.5ml per 1L as a foliar feed every 2 weeks until week 4 of flower.

Grow Genius mono-silicic is made in the UK with silicon from Scotland, minimising product miles.

Why silicon, and why mono-silicic acid in particular?

Silicon is a key nutritional element for plants: it provides physical reinforcement against insect and mold attacks on leaves and flowers, strengthens cell walls allowing faster growth, confers resistance against biological and environmental stress, and even allows plants to reduce water loss... BUT... plants can only naturally take up silicon in the form of mono-silicic acids.

Many soils, all coco coir, and most hydroponic nutrients contain no silicon at all, and so crops grown in them won't either. You can add silicon but most supplements are basic silicates, and root or microbe chemistry can take months to convert them to mono-silicic acids ready for uptake. But, because mono-silicic acid is already in bioavailable form, plants can access and use it immediately.

In short: mono-silicic acid is the most effective form of silicon available to gardeners, and at 40% concentration (19% Silicon w/w), Grow-Genius mono-silicic Acid is the best value true mono available today.