Grow-Genius Mono-Silic Acid

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Mono-Silicic acid, like Grow-Genius, changes the rules.

You may expect to witness plants that are quicker, stronger, and healthier than ever before, with an added bonus of innate resistance to pests and diseases.

You may use Grow-Genius Mono-Silicic Acid with either soil or coco or a hydroponic setup. Toss out your old silicon product and use this instead with any supplement line.

There are many upsides, and it's easy to put into practise. Grown Up Hydroponics endorses this product wholeheartedly.

Among the advantages are:

New and improved framework.
enhanced productivity.
Tougher vegetation.
Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, lack of water, pests, and illnesses.
Produced in the United Kingdom.
A high coefficient of dilution.

Dosage: 0.3 ml per 10 litres of clean water applied to the roots once a week, and 0.5 ml per 1 litre applied as a foliar feed every two weeks until week four of flowering.

The mono-silicic acid used to make Grow Genius is sourced from Scotland, making its product miles as little as possible.

What is the function of silicon, and more specifically mono-silicic acid?

However, plants can only naturally absorb silicon in the form of mono-silicic acids, despite its importance as a nutrient. This is because silicon provides physical reinforcement against insect and mould attacks on leaves and flowers, strengthens cell walls allowing faster growth, confers resistance against biological and environmental stress, and even allows plants to reduce water loss.

Plants cultivated in many soils, all coco coir, and most hydroponic fertilisers do not contain any silicon. You can supplement with silicon, but most silicon supplements are just basic silicates, and it might take months for the root chemistry or microbial chemistry to transform them into mono-silicic acids that plants can use. However, mono-silicic acid is readily used by plants since it is already in this form.

Mono-silicic acid, at 40% concentration (19% Silicon w/w), is the greatest value genuine mono available today, and is the most effective type of silicon accessible to gardeners.