Green Hornet Light 4.2w

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During flower, it’s imperative that light loving fruiting annuals are not disturbed as they can revert to vegetative growth, slowing your progress. At the very least, when plants receive light during their night period, they go through undue stress which can lead to aborted flowers and fruit.

Green light does not stimulate chlorophyll, so plants cannot ‘see’ it – that’s why the green hornet LED night light can be used without interrupting the night cycle.

As indoor gardeners, you may need to view plants at night depending on their light schedule and your regimen – e.g foliar feeding or simply routine maintenance before continuing your chedule - it's not always possible to visit the garden during the day.

Green Hornet LED Night Light tech specs
Electrical Consumption: Only 3.5 w
Number of LED's: 96 pcs
Service life: 30,000 hours
Lumens: 480 lumens

How to use the Green Hornet
This Lamp works in a standard E26/ E27 Edison screw housing, like those used in houses and other domestic applications. You can use this with a standard E26 / E27 ceiling fitting or a CFL hanger.

Use the green hornet LED Night light with a standard E40 reflector, use a E27 - E40 lamp adapter.

Just screw the lamp into the fitting and operate as you would a normal light switch.

Avoid having the light on all the time, only use it when you visit the grow room during the night period.