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Supplemental humic acid with a low molecular weight to enhance absorption of nutrients.

Plant health, vitality, and production are all enhanced with GPF Uptake, a water-soluble, low molecular weight humic acid supplement.

Humic acid of low molecular weight is the key ingredient in GPF Uptake, a water-soluble solution that supports plants throughout their whole life cycle.

With GPF Uptake you can help your plants get macro- and micronutrients they otherwise wouldn't have access to. This is a critical feature. In order for greater nutrients to be available to the plant, low molecular weight humic acid naturally chelates them. As soon as it's been absorbed, it helps the plant get the nutrients it needs to the areas where it needs them most. The added humic acid guarantees that the nutrients you are feeding your plants are retained and utilised to the fullest extent possible. Foliar sprays of GPF Uptake may also be beneficial. The number of blossoming sites on a blooming plant can be increased, stronger stalks can be promoted, and the general structure of the plant can be improved by spraying it on.

When using GPF Uptake, you may expect high and healthy crop yields.

How to use it

For optimum results, use each time you water or fertilize in conjunction with your regular feeding schedule at a rate of 5ml/L (19ml/Gal). It can also be used as a foliar application at the same rate.