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Gorilla Combi 10m Ducting
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Gorilla Combi 10m Ducting

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Black Flexible Combi Ducting solves a few of the issues that come with regular, aluminium flexible ducting. During manufacture and packing, the movement of the ducting can cause tiny holes and tears to form along the length of ducting. These don’t really affect the air flow too much, but they can easily become weak points. If there is a large volume of air flowing, these holes could become larger and cause ventilation issues. The tiny holes can also let odours out, if the air going through it hasn’t been through a filter.

This ducting solves these potential problems by wrapping the aluminium ducting in a layer of black plastic. Black Flexible Combi Ducting is not only more air tight, its stronger too. This is great peace of mind for many growers as ventilation is often a chief concern. It is available for purchase in all of the standard sizes and there is the option of having 5 or 10 meter lengths. Simply use it in the same way as you would normal ducting.