Gekko 4250 m/3 hr

Gekko 4250 m/3 hr

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Designed and engineered to operate at extremely low noise Gekko Acoustic Box Fans move loads of air! Made from only high quality components and assembled in the UK - you are getting solid and robust fan that will last your for years to come.

Ready to be attached to your ducting and carbon filters all stale air will be expelled using Gekko Acoustic Box Fans avoiding you problems related to moisture, raising humidity and or mold. Gekko Acoustic Box Fans can be fine tuned - with out humming - using a hybrid fan controller unit - maximizing air flow in any environment.

  • Assemble in UK using professional Torin Sifan motor
  • Extremely quiet & reliable moving large volumes of air quickly
  • Removes stale depleted CO2 air from your grow room
  • Constructed from Moisture Resistance MDF
  • Easy to hang from 4 eye-screws
  • Uses standard kettle lead
  • Power consumption: 6 amp - 550 watts
  • Dimensions: 50cm x 53cm x 46.4cm
  • Weight: 34.94kg