Garden HighPro 6" Cool Tube & Ventilation Kit
Garden HighPro

Garden HighPro 6" Cool Tube & Ventilation Kit

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In this kit you will recive

Extractor Kit entry level fan/filter kit T is designed to be used as a ventilation kit. The fan is the garden highpro profan TT Max, the filter is a proactive carbon filter, lightweight and compact, it is made from coconut activated carbon and is matched to the air volume produces by the fan. The free-flowing design of the filters enables them to be fitted to the fans with very little change in flow rates. The complete kit comes in its own branded box and included inside is a fan, 5m aluminium ducting and two jubilee clips.

Garden HIGHPRO ProTube high performance cool tube One of the best air cooled reflectors on the market today, the Protube by Garden HIGHPRO. This reflector has been designed to dissipate the heat emitted by the bulb of our indoor grow room to the air flowing through the tube.

Garden HighPro Pro Hanger 48kg (Rope ratchets) x4 

Lumens: 90,000lm

Paxi 660w varidrive ballast perfect for the entire growing process