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FloraMicro Hard Water - GHE

FloraMicro Hard Water - GHE

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For use with hydroponics, soilless media, and traditional soil;


Dr. Cal Herrmann, a former NASA senior chemist, conceptualised the 3-part nutrition system and Flora-series for General Hydroponics in conjunction with researchers from the University of California, Davis. Today, Dr. Herrmann continues his research while still serving as a partner at GHE.

Flora is an ever-changing formula that takes into account new findings in the scientific community. Simply put, you can adjust the liquid ratios and concentration to meet the demands of your plant at any stage of its development.

The Flora-series has three parts:

Flora Gro encourages thick, healthy stem and leaf development.
In terms of plant growth, Flora Bloom promotes stronger roots and overall better health. It helps the plant reach its full genetic potential during flowering and fruiting. For those cultivating in water, know that FloraGro and FloraBloom both include silicate (in the form of silicic acid) to round out your plants' diet and fortify their framework.
The chelated micro-elements in Flora Micro are readily absorbed by the plant. Also present are organic buffers that help maintain a constant solution pH and trace microelements. FloraMicro's secondary and main nutrients are a perfect match for FloraGro and FloraBloom.

There is a synergy between these three components that makes the method so effective.

For GHE Feed Chart, Refer Thereto.