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Evoponic - Roxy

Evoponic - Roxy

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Promote expansion
A universally applicable stimulating recipe.
Increase the size and quality of the harvest with less time in the grow room.

As an enhancer, Roxy can be used beginning in flowering week 2 and continuing for no more than 10 days.
Intended for application during this time period to promote flowering. A non-toxic substance derived from plants, with no added PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification).
In the critical early stages of development, Roxy places a heavy emphasis on promoting flower bud production, which ultimately results in larger and heavier flowers.

 Improve size and quality of flower yield.

 Reduced growing periods.

 Natural extracts.

Use Evoponic Roxy from the end of week 2 of flowering. Use at a rate of 20ml per 10 litres.
Do not use for more than 10 days.