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Evoponic - Roxy

Evoponic - Roxy

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Stimulate growth

A stimulation formula Suitable for all systems.
Stimulate and enhance flowering and improve size and quality of yield in short grow cycles.

Roxy is an enhancer that can be employed from week 2 of flowering for a maximum of 10 days.
Designed to enhance flowering when used during this specific period. A safe, natural material that’s based on plant extracts – without artificial PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification).
Roxy pushes flower bud formation to the limit at its vital early stage of growth, meaning early formed flowers end up bigger and heavier.

 Improve size and quality of flower yield.

 Reduced growing periods.

 Natural extracts.

Use Evoponic Roxy from the end of week 2 of flowering. Use at a rate of 20ml per 10 litres.
Do not use for more than 10 days.