Evoponic - Liquid Ice

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With the help of Liquid Ice, your plants can continue to thrive even when the temperature is considerably outside of their ideal ranges.
The process works by stimulating the body to produce massive amounts of natural growth hormone, which strengthens and significantly increases heat resistance in plants.TOO HOT?

Liquid ice has been shown to mitigate the detrimental effects of high temperatures on plant growth, allowing crops to not only survive but thrive in conditions where the thermometer often climbs beyond 30 degrees Celsius. Growers that are interested in maximising their yields with minimal financial outlay and cutting-edge machinery will find Liquid Ice to be an indispensable tool.

Exclusive to Evoponic
Superior Biostimulant
expands the limits of development
Reduces the risk of heat stress
Limits the Potential for a Flower-Related Miscarriage
Fosters the Development of Peripheral Shots
More growth hormone is produced.
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Appreciate Evoponics Feeds

     Causes plants to thrive in high temperatures.

     Dramatically increases plants’ resistance to heat stress.

     Highly potent bio-stimulant.

     Protects your crop against losses – particularly in the summer.

    Incorporate 3–5 millilitres per 10 litres of soil, cocoa, or hydroponic nutrition solution.

    In-Depth Details:

    The rule of thumb is to only ever add to a brand new solution.
    If you're applying on soil, increase the dosage.
    The synergistic nature of Evoponics' offerings ensures that flowering and fruiting plants thrive in ideal conditions, resulting in abundant harvests.