Dimmable Ballast 600W HPS/MH - Paxi

Dimmable Ballast 600W HPS/MH - Paxi

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1. Don't operate the ballast before you read and fully comprehend the instructions.
2. The start voltage of the ballast is a maximum of 4.5 KV; it might be dangerous for people and nearby equipment. Please pay attention to the danger and don't touch any electric object when operating the ballast.
3. The ballast can't ignite lamps when it is hot. When reigniting the lamp after shutting down, please wait 3 minutes to give time for the lamp to cool down.
4. The ballast can't be installed and operated under circumstances with explosive/volatile gas; it can't be started near flammable gas or liquid.
5. There is no voltage insulation between the input end and output end, so there will be damage if contacting the output end directly to ground.