Dimlux Expert Series MKII 1000W DE UHF

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DimLux makes the best indoor grow lights in the industry. This light is designed in the Netherlands to be the absolute best HPS grow light at any price. You’ll find this grow light is more efficient and easier to use than anything you’ve seen.
DimLux ballasts feature smart ballast technology that prolongs the life of your lamp. As your lamp degrades over time, the ballast “pushes” correct voltages and currents to the lamp, maintaining optimal performance. This ensures a consistent output from your lamp.
With your lamp always running at optimum performance levels, DimLux has reduced the need to frequently replace your lamp. This smart ballast technology enables your lamp to last twice as long at the optimal output – up to 2+ years!
The DimLux Expert Series MKII Grow Light Features:

• Unparalleled and highly efficient ballast driver: 97% efficient and 30% more compact and lighter than the old Dimlux Expert Series.
• Pre-installed in each fixture is the industry’s leading DE lamp: Philips Greenpower Xtra 1000 Watt DE Lamp, rated at 2150 µmol/s.
• Standard equipped with the new Ultra Optics Hybrid 98 Reflector. The Ultra Optics reflector offers 98% reflectivity. This reflectivity combined with the Philips lamp, NETS you 2107 µmol/s PPF!
• The Boost Feature can drive your lamp to 20% higher output offering you up to 2528 µmol/s PPF with a 1000 watt lamp (boosted to 1200 watts).
• Single push-button for setting the power output (in steps of 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, and 1200W).
• 4-character status display with scrolling text. The status and error codes are now displayed in full instead of a cryptic number.
• Closed ballast design, for better protection of the electronics.
• Controllable with Maxi Controller.
• Equipped with an extra universal interconnect port (Smartport) that can be used to connect another ballast, a plant temperature camera, humidity sensor, or other compatible accessories.

1,000 WATTS
Plant maximizing light output

% OVERDRIVEBoost the light up to 1200 Watts 


Commonly available:

  • 600 – 1,200 Watt output
  • On and off switch and infinitely variable control by the Maxi Controller
  • Soft start for low inrush current. No inrush current when using the Maxi Controller!
  • Soft Dim: Yes
  • Dim levels: Soft-Off, 600W, 700W, 800W, 900W, 1,000W, 1,100W, 1,200W
  • Dim Button: 7 dim levels and off mode. Can be switched on and off via the Maxi Controller as well as stepless dimming
  • Ultra High Frequency: Yes
  • Diagnostic display: Yes
  • Includes: Philips MASTER GreenPower Xtra 1000W EL UNP/50
  • Voltages: 240V and 277V options available Input Power @240V (at 100%): 1035W Input Current @240V (at 100%): 4.5A Input Power @240V (boosted to 120%): 1242W Input Current @240V (boosted to 120%): 5.4A Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz Power Factor: 0.99
  • System PPF at 1000W: 2107 µmol/s
  • System PPF at 1,200W: 2,528 µmol/s

Illumination surface

  • at 1,000W = min 1.4m² (15.06ft²), max 3.3m² (35.52ft²)
  • at 1,200W = min 1.65m² (17.76ft²), max. 4m² (43.05ft²)
  • 50mm (2”) connection for active extraction
  • Controller: Maxi Controller
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 25” x 10.75” x 5”
  • Weight: 13 lbs