Dimlux - Co2 Sensor for Maxi Gas Protect

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The CO2 Sensor gas protect works with the Dimlux Maxi Controller to turn the CO2 generating equipment off and on based on the CO2 levels in the grow room. The spare part includes a sensor for methane and carbon monoxide, which alerts growers using an alarm. It shuts down the CO2 distribution if the levels of the gases exceed normal rates. The feature is useful for growers running CO2 generators, which rely on burning gas. The unit ensures that the grow-room is free of any toxic gases and guarantees a safe growing environment for the crops.

General Information

  • The sensor switches CO2 generating equipment on and off depending on the PPM levels;
  • It can increase harvest yields by 20%;
  • The unit is made for use with the Maxi Controller;
  • It's part of the premium range of spare parts developed by Dimlux;
  • The unit monitors the levels of carbon monoxide and methane in the grow room.


  • It's reliable and durable;
  • It's made with premium materials;
  • The unit protects plants and humans from toxic gases.

The Science

CO2 supplementation is an effective way to increase yields and the productivity of the crops. An Opticlimate closed-loop system requires CO2 supplementation. But high CO2 concentrations can damage plants. The Dimlux team created the CO2 sensor to adjust the output levels of CO2 based on the CO2 rates in the air. The sensor also detects the level of methane and carbon monoxide in the grow room. If the levels of the gases build up, the unit will shut down the distribution of CO2.

How to Use

The unit is a plug and play system. Connect the cable from the "power in" socket to a wall socket. The "power out" socket connects to an adapter. Plug the gas burner's two-pin plug into the adapter. Whenever CO2 is needed, the power will be turned on to maintain the levels at optimum rates. Connect the unit to the Maxi Controller with the "CO2 output" cable. Set the ideal CO2 level through Dimlux's Controller.