Cyco platinum series - Mini Pro Kit Grow
Cyco Platinium

Cyco platinum series - Mini Pro Kit Grow

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CYCO Platinum Series Mini ProKit Grow

The Cyco Mini Prokit (GROWTH) is the ultimate additive addition to any growers grow regime. The Cyco Mini prokit (GROWTH) contains all the GROW additives required to enhance any growers garden.

The Mini Prokit contains an easy to read growth chart for all mediums. Charts are based on a week to week color coded system, making our Prokits the most user-friendly Kits available.

The Kit contains only the additives for the Vegative stage (base nutrient sold separately).

Note: If using a CYCO MINI PROKIT with alternative Nutrient brands NO other additives are recommended to be used in conjunction.

“A new benchmark has been set, and its simply Cyco”

Helps maximize your plants growth potential.

Helps revitalize slow growing plants.

Helps plants recover if they have signs of deficiencies

due to environmental stresses or poor growing conditions.

Contents of ProKit:

1x 1 Litre Cyco Silica

1x 1 Litre Cyco Zyme

1x 1 Litre Cyco B1 Boost

1x 1 Litre Cyco Dr. Repair

1x 1 Litre Cyco Uptake

1x 100 ml Cyco XL

1x Information Booklet