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cyclone twin speed fan

Cyclone Twin Speed Fan 4"

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High-quality, two-speed duct fans at a discount.
An adjustable-flow fan is helpful when indoor temperatures rise to uncomfortable levels. The amount of airflow may be adjusted with the flick of a switch on a fan with variable speed.
The ability to adjust the motor's speed

• A pre-assembled, 4-meter cable with a British plug

Overload and short circuit protection provided by high amp fuse

Construction Method: Injection-molded Plastic for Durability

Reducer adapters for larger or smaller openings


One Twin-Speed Duct Fan, one Plastic Reducer (160mm to 150mm), and a four-meter power cord are all included in the package.

spend a lot of energy

The operation of a Twin Speed duct fan looks like this:

Having a fan that can rapidly increase or reduce its output is useful for maintaining healthy plant life, which needs a constant supply of fresh air. Whether it's hot or cold outdoors, this high-quality fan may be used year-round thanks to its two adjustable airflow settings that don't even need removing the duct fan.

How to set up and run the duct fan:

This fan's airflow may be adjusted to meet varying requirements in the grow space. The switch at the fan's base allows you to control the airflow, and it may be connected to either an intake or exhaust duct. Toggle between the two speeds, one for each setting, to customise the airflow and the temperature.

Always keep your fingers away from an in-line fan's spinning blades. Even a little fan may cause serious injury, up to and even amputation of fingers. Resist the urge; it's not worth it.

The airflow from the fan is increased by reducing the length of the ductwork as much as possible. If you add extra ducting, airflow will be reduced. Your fan's airflow will be reduced by around 25 percent if you install a carbon filter.

By avoiding a sharp knee, you may minimise the loss of airflow and the accompanying wind noise when turning a corner with ducting. As an additional measure for reducing wind noise, you can utilise acoustic ducting or extend your flexi-ducting as far as possible.