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COCO MIX 50L - BioBizz

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What is CocoMix?
No, we're not talking chocolate bars here but Biobizz® CocoMix that is probably the best, 100% organic coco coir product on the market. It's made from waste materials left over by the coconut industry, which has proven to be an ideal medium for growing plants. To become this famous substrate, the coco coir matter is first decomposed over a period of time to soften the strong fibres. This is then washed in clear water, dried and shredded to become light and airy CocoMix which contains little moisture and a low pH of 5 or 6.

How to use it?
Coco·Mixworks well plugged into pots as a rock wool replacement for growing all kinds of hydroponic crops  simply fill small pots with plugs of Coco·Mix. It's compatible with all types of nutrients and can be used to refresh All·Mixor other soil mixtures and with your usual A+B range to improve aeration. Combine it with Biobizz® products such Root·Juice, BioBloom, TopMax and BioHeaven and look forward to boosting the quality and yield of your plants.

Our tips and tricks:

1. The two most important tools for growing on Coco-Mix: Acti-Vera (or another enzyme product) & a reliable pH meter. This will determine your success or your failure ;). Acti-Vera will have an enzymatic effect on the organic material, the heavier products of Biobizz, such as Bio-grow and Fish-Mix will be efficiently assimilated.
2. Stick to the dosages of our Light-Mix schedule.
3. pH adjustment is mandatory. When you grow on soil, the substrate will buffer and adjust pH, on Coco-Mix this is not the case. Adjust pH to 6,1 in the growing phase and to 6,3-6,4 in the flowering period. Use apple vinegar or citric acids instead of chemical pH adjustment products. 4. Start from the beginning with Acti-Vera OR an Enzyme product. Use it with every watering. When you use Acti-Vera: 1-2ml/l in the growing phase and 2-5ml/l in the flowering period. OR use 1-1,5ml/l of an Enzyme product.
5. Optional: Add Worm-humus (10%) and Mycorrhizae or Trichoderma in the Coco-Mix.
6. For beginners, consider mixing the Coco-Mix 50-50 with Light-Mix to make it easier. It will give you more freedom regarding the pH correction and next to that, Acti-Vera (or enzyme product) won't be of necessity.
Please see BioBizz Feed Chart Here.