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Co2 Bags - Exhale

Co2 Bags - Exhale

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Every gardener should join the CO2 revolution! The ExHale CO2 bag may be left on in the grow room without any intervention from the grower. The most effective method of CO2 delivery is a steady stream of CO2 rained down on the plants themselves. You may provide your plants continuous access to CO2 for up to six months by setting up the ExHale Cultivator just above ground level. When it comes to creating CO2 in closed environments, nothing compares to the revolutionary new ExHale®-Homegrown CO2.

There are two sizes, Regular for a single light up to 600 watts and Large for two 600-watt lights or one 1000-watt light.

Affordable carbon dioxide for indoor or outdoor use

Size Options: Regular or Jumbo

Participate in the Carbon Dioxide Revolution!

Simple backpack perfect for a 1.2m tent

Packs down to the perfect size for a tent measuring 2.4 by 1.2 metres.