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2KG or 4KG Mega CO2 Bag. Sterile, high-quality mycelium delivers natural Co2 gas flow. Mega Co2 bags have 4 filters to efficiently discharge co2.
Co2 Extra Loaded

Co2 Bag Extra Loaded

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Large CO2 Bag, either 2 or 4 Kilograms. High-purity, sterile mycelium fills the container, providing a steady supply of Co2 gas. Specifically, carbon dioxide (Co2) is an essential element in photosynthesis. Those green sections of your plant are where a chemical process called photosynthesis is happening.

Light, water, and carbon dioxide are oxidised to produce oxygen and other energy-rich organic molecules. You can speed up photosynthesis with the help of Mega Co2 bags.

Increased plant size, vitality, and yield can all be achieved by focusing on optimising photosynthesis. The Mega Co2 bags are constructed with four filters to ensure efficient and easy CO2 release.

As CO2 is heavier than air, it will fall out of the bag and onto your plants when you hang it above them.


If you hang them in front of your fan, the plants won't have time to absorb the carbon dioxide.

Keep away from direct sunlight. 

If properly sealed, Mega Co2 Bags might produce natural CO2 continuously for up to six months. Also, depending on the conditions in your region, a single bag can supply up to six plants with a steady supply of carbon dioxide. Once your Mega Co2 bag has been used


In addition, you can utilise the contents of the bag as organic fertiliser for your plants. Combine it with dirt.

Made in Ireland