A6, S6 Cloudray Grow Tent Clip Fan

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  • Designed with an EC motor to ensure precise airflow during all stages of plant growth.
  • Digital 10 speed, from a gentle breeze for seedlings to a powerful breeze for flowering.
  • IP-44 certified specifically for growing environments to withstand high humidity and heat.
  • Connect to smart controllers to access climate triggers, growth cycles, scheduling and more.
  • Wheel: 6.5" | Airflow:
  • Up to 315 CFM | Non-oscillating manual swivel | Suitable for all pole sizes in grow tents

Next generation clip aerator designed from the ground up to provide precise airflow for all stages of plant growth. Access the full range of fan speeds from gentle winds to powerful airflows using state-of-the-art EC motors with PWM control.

The 10 speed levels are indicated by a circular LED display that dims after the fan speed is set to ensure the plant's light cycle is not disturbed. Adjustable head tilt and pivot arm provide flexible airflow direction options. It features heavy-duty clamps that securely grip all sizes of glow tent poles and hold them securely vertically.

Each unit is IP-44 rated and highly resistant to moisture and temperature. It can be powered from any standard wall outlet using the 8ft power plug cord. This product is part of his UIS™ platform of growing devices and smart controllers designed to integrate with each other to achieve the ideal environment.

smart circulation control
It features a state-of-the-art electronically commutated (EC) motor that is digitally controlled with precise electronic pulses. This his PWM technology gives the fan access to the full speed range from 0-100%. Optimal circulation is set for each stage of plant growth, from ultra-breeze during germination and raising seedlings to strong airflow during vegetation and flowering. Includes a wired adapter that connects to the AC Infinity Smart Controller for access to environmental triggers, growth cycles, scheduling and more. Controller sold separately.

Designed for growing environments
This series was designed from the ground up for the growing space environment. All components are specially sealed according to IP-44 standards to ensure high resistance to liquids and dust. This allows the system to maintain peak performance and long service life even in harsh environments with high humidity and temperature.