Carbon Filter - Paxi

Carbon Filter - Paxi

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Available sizes:

125x200mm 5" Carbon filter
125x200mm 5" Carbon filter with 4" Reducer
150x300mm 6" Carbon filter
150x300mm 6" Carbon filter with 5" Reducer

Designed with the grower in mind. Guaranteed to do the job, it is easy use, offering value for money and flexibility. The Paxi Active Carbon Filters feature a very high specification carbon pore size of 0.02 micron, making it far more absorbent of volatile organic smells and more attractive to them, so that the odor elements stick like glue and become absorbed. This range is offered in a variety of sizes.

This filter uses Active Carbon, widely considered to be one of the superior air filtration system.

It has very low ash content and it is a virgin-granulated product so that it can be compacted very tightly, meaning that it leaves no air spaces for organic compounds (odors) to escape.

Inline drying and dehumidifying is used in the filling process to make sure the carbon is in peak condition before the filter is compacted and special expansion foam on the neck makes sure that the compaction rate of the carbon remains high at all times.