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CANNACURE is a special leaf nutrition that keeps plant pests and mildew at bay.

Non-toxic and environmentally safe. CANNACURE promotes stronger plants, bigger buds and higher yields.
fight pests naturally

Powdery mildew, whiteflies, aphids, spider mites and mealybugs are examples of pests. Diseases, pests and parasites flood the world, waiting for an opportunity to invade crops and ruin harvests.
Of course, you want to protect your plants as much as possible. But how do you do that? Chemical pesticides can get the job done, but they harm ecosystems and poison flowers and fruits in the process.
On the other hand, traditional methods of controlling disease and pests are not effective enough.

CANNACURE is a product that offers it all. This environmentally safe solution kills bugs and mold while promoting development and flowering.

CANNACURE is CANNA's first crop pest control agent. According to CANNA Research Laboratories, it is also a foliar nutrient, which makes it different from other crop protection chemicals.
This makes the plants healthier and allows them to focus on growing bigger buds and bigger yields.
But CANNA experts aren't the only ones who trust the quality of their products. Many breeders praised it when it was first released.

How does it  work?

Spraying plants with cannacure gives them a second natural skin. This layer promotes leaf color and vitality while allowing the plant to breathe. It keeps them healthy, shiny and pristine, allowing for optimal photosynthesis.This allows the plants to focus on flowering.

Plant pests also cling to the sticky cover, preventing them from damaging the leaves. The pest eventually starves to death. CANNACURE, combined with other CANNA nutrients and additives, helps plants resist future pests and diseases.

What is the best way to use CANNACURE?

It is critical that CANNACURE is completely coated on both sides of the leaves. As a preventative step, use CANNACURE once a week to ensure that plant pests do not attack the leaves. Spray every three days if you have a large infestation of mildew, whitefly, spider mites, or mealy bugs, for example, then repeat if necessary after another three days. Then, as before, spray once a week.

CANNACURE can be used alongside your regular feeding schedule from the start of growth through harvest.

User Intructions

  • Dilute 330 ml concentrate per 1 litre of water
  • Spray minimal once a week, up until harvest
  • Apply using a fine sprayer, to maximise effectiveness
  • Do not prepare the solution for more than ten days in advance
  • Do not use together with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  • Do not mix with any other product – mix only with water
  • Use CANNACURE along with your nutrients or other feed

Storage, health & safety and other directions

  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Store closed and in a dark frost-proof place
  • Keep out of reach of children

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