Can Lite- Carbon filter 12″ 4500 (4500m3)

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Product Information

This CAN-Lite Filter is made from steel and measures 100cm in length and weighs 36.5kg, including carbon. It has a diameter of 50cm and is supplied with 315 flange. Suits our 4250 Tornado Box Fan Perfectly !!! The last time there was great demand for lightweight filters. Can be fully engaged in recent years to develop a lightweight filter with the most ideal type of light carbon for the removal of odour. Meanwhile Can the right composition can create, which the Can-Lite filters have emerged.

The operation of a carbon filter: A carbon filter is only applied to filter odours away. The principle of a carbon filter is fairly simple, the negative ions odour (smell parts) are neutralized by the activated carbon in the filter. As a result, the negative ions odour converted by the carbon ions in neutral odour. This scent particles have a carbon neutral odour. In this way can be used anywhere a carbon filter must be true. Negatively charged parts odour neutralized These include odour producing parts plants. Importantly, a carbon filter is not used in areas where the humidity is higher than 80%. The humidity will namely to ensure that the carbon loses its ability to neutralize odours. Carbon filters should be. Replaced about once a year