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Calcium (Ca 15%) Mono 1L - CANNA

Calcium (Ca 15%) Mono 1L - CANNA

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CANNA Calcium can be used as calcium fertiliser to replenish a deficiency or as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate growth.

CANNA Mono Calcium is a single-component nutrition designed to promote excellent plant growth during the vegetative and blooming stages. The liquid mineral comprises calcium (Ca) that is easily absorbed by plants. The substance regulates growth hormones and stabilises plant tissue. In plants, the formula directs nutrient and water transport. The product can be used as a deficiency replenisher or as a one-component supplementary nutrient to promote strong growth and flowering. The method is used by farmers to produce high-quality crops with high harvest yields.

The product is designed for both the vegetative and flowering phases.

The formula is a one-component nutrition that contains 15% calcium.

The product controls plant growth hormones, as well as water and nutrient transport.

The plant tissues are optimally stabilised by using CALCIUM. It stabilises the cell wall, influences growth hormones and regulates the transport of water and nutrients in the plant. In addition liquid calcium can be directly absorbed by the plant, so that the cell tissue is immediately strengthened.