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BudBox-Pro Tent 3.6m x 2.4 x 2.2 (Titan 2 Tall) Silver - (Set)
BudBox Pro

BudBox-Pro Tent 3.6m x 2.4 x 2.2 (Titan 2 Tall) Silver - (Set)

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A Budbox Lite Grow Tent is the ideal grow tent for an enthusiastic beginner. The Lite series is known for its excellent quality at an affordable price. BudBox also has the widest range of tent sizes.

The Budbox-Lite Silver 200x200x200cm grow tent is equipped with durable canvas, interlocking poles and strong tent connectors and multiple openings for air hoses which you can close completely. On the inside the grow tent is covered with silver Mylar material for excellent reflection of the light.

With the help of the instruction booklet you can set up a reliable indoor growing environment within a short time. During use, the close-fitting zippers and the fabric ensure that the grow tent is almost light and airtight.


  • Tent: silver Mylar;
  • Dimensions: 200x200x200cm;
  • Poles: 16mm steel;
  • Connectors: plastic;
  • Viewing windows: none;
  • Irrigation openings: none;
  • Inlet openings: 2 (Ø 254mm);
  • Exhaust openings: 2 (Ø 254mm);
  • Cable openings: 2 (Ø 102mm);
  • Passive openings: 2;
  • Cooltube openings: none;
  • Doors: 2 front door and 1 side door.