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Bud Candy - Advanced Nutrients
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Bud Candy - Advanced Nutrients

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Sweeter, larger buds will result from feeding your plants sugar, amino acids and vitamins.

We can all agree that hydroponic gardening is a great way to raise a wide variety of flavourful, powerful flowers.
After harvest, you and your friends relish the wonderful taste, perfume, and power of the flowers, which smell like candy (maybe like cotton candy at a theme park).
Seeing their grins and slapping you on the back are the best parts of life.

How can you ensure that you get the biggest and tastiest harvests of the most powerful and flavorful flowers right now?

Begin by providing flower-boosting energy to your plants at a time when they most need it.

Carbohydrates that provide your plants a quick energy boost are the key to getting sweeter, larger crops.

At order to keep your plants in optimum bloom, you must keep in mind that they require more sugar than they can produce. There is a direct correlation between how much C02 and nutrients you give them, and how much they need carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate depletion occurs in the same way that athletes collapse at the end of a difficult race. And that's why carboloading is such a popular strategy for athletes who want to keep going strong even when their rivals falter and give up on their dreams of success.

Carbohydrates aren't just any carbs; they're the ones that are best for your plants.

A particular formula is needed for carboloading your plants. Plants best absorb simple and complex carbs when they come in the form of arabinose (from raw cane extract), dextrose (from malt extract), glucose (from glucose syrup), maltose (from maltose syrup), and xylose (from xylose syrup).

These substances not only alleviate the mid-bloom lull, but they also feed your root zone's beneficial bacteria and fungus.

Beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone do their finest work when they are fed carbos from outside the root zone.

Root mass, nutrient absorption, root protection, and the production of hormones that enhance floral growth, potency, and value are all increased by beneficial bacteria and fungus.

How about enhancing the flavour, size, potency, and perfume of your flowers by using the correct sorts of carbos to offer vitality and root enhancement?

Your plants' flavour and scent are improved as a result of the list of carbo sources we just examined.

Your plants will benefit from using the correct form of amino acids and other compounds.


Another thing to bear in mind is that the benefits of what you feed your crops are dependent on the quality of certain elements in the items.

In hydroponics, for example, you'll see formulations that include "molasses." It is true that molasses comes in a wide variety of grades and varieties in hydroponic formulations, and the distinctions between them determine whether or not they will produce larger, higher harvests.

The truth is that most molasses are sulfite-rich or manufactured with inferior ingredients or methods, resulting in inferior sugar content and quality.

You'll get less sugar and more minerals if you use low-grade, sulfured, low-quality molasses in your hydroponic recipe.

The kinds and forms of amino acids in hydroponics formulations are directly related to this, so give me a minute.

The amino acids in your blooming plants are essential for protein synthesis, which powers metabolic functions and creates the skeletal framework of the plant. While only a few hydroponic products include amino acids, practically all of them do so in a form known as "D-Aminos."

Despite the fact that these amino acids are less expensive to buy and produce, they are not highly beneficial to your plants.

On the other hand, L-amino acids are completely bioavailable for quick absorption and protein production, enhancing the health and productivity of your crop.

Form and manufacturing procedures matter a great deal when it comes to hydroponics formula components like molasses.

More Expensive Flowers Are Those That Taste Sweeter

Anthocyanins, polyphenols, isoterpenes, and tannins contained in cranberry or grape extracts can enhance the flavour, intensity, and perfume of your flowers.

When these chemicals are supplied to plants in water, growers report that a burst of delightful aroma comes from their blossoms in only a few minutes.

After harvest, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the pleasant perfume and taste of your flowers, and there will be even more flowers to enjoy as well..

Feeding vitamins to your plants is another way to improve the flavour, fragrance, and monetary worth of your harvest.

Vitamin C, for example, may aid photosynthesis and shield your plants from the harmful effects of bright sunshine and high temperatures. Supplementing your plants' diets with B vitamins, in addition to Vitamin C, has been shown in research to have a number of flower-enhancing effects while also protecting plants from stress.

What's the best way to get your hands on this wide variety of crop-enhancing compounds? In the end, Advanced Nutrients' experts were able to source, mix, and combine all of these aminos, carbohydrates, and vitamins so that Bud Candy can immediately provide you with larger, sweeter buds.

With Bud Candy, you get the best of both worlds: Sweet Leaf and Carboload, but in an easy-to-use recipe that's convenient to utilise.

To acquire cotton candy flavour, bigger buds, and stronger plants, now is the time to get 100% organic Bud Candy, whether your plants are already blooming or you're getting them ready to bloom.