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Boveda Mastercase Butler
Boveda Mastercase Butler

Boveda Mastercase Butler

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As part of his job, the butler must spend much of his time in the humidor. The products themselves, or the humidor's cover, might use some advertising. To connect with the Boveda app, the Boveda Butler uses Bluetooth. Those who have downloaded the Boveda app to their smartphones can now check the humidor's settings whenever they choose.

Documenting past events

Use current information to fine-tune your cigar-smoking pastime. Examine humidifier readings from the past hour, day, and month. Make adjustments based on the results, such as for different seasons or new cigars.

Machine-driven re-arrangement
Ease your burdens with the help of automatic reordering. Users can customise an automated shipping system to meet their needs. Boveda's 2-way humidification control ensures that your collection is always safeguarded.

Capable of measuring both temperature and humidity
Boveda Smart Sensor allows you to continuously monitor the humidity and temperature inside your humidor and gain instant access to that data.

Alerts and notifications
Set the relative humidity and temperature to your liking. Get notifications and help troubleshooting whenever the humidor is opened or if a reading deviates from the set parameters.
The user manual is also available for download on our site.

Highly accurate humidity sensor
A hygrometer and temperature in one convenient device.
Included batteries
While out of Bluetooth range of the app, you can save up to ten days' worth of information.