Bluelab Probe Care Kit – pH and Conductivity

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pH and Conductivity Probe Cleaning Kit by Bluelab

Includes everything required to clean, hydrate, and calibrate pH probes and conductivity (ppm/EC) probes.

The probe's cleanliness directly affects the reliability of the instrument. If you own or use a Bluelab metre, monitor, or controller, you know how critical it is to keep the probe clean. The displayed value can be off if the probe is contaminated or dirty. When the probe is contaminated, the reading on the Bluelab Truncheon® Meter and the Bluelab Conductivity Probes is low.

The instrument collects data from the solution at the probe's surface. After gathering data, the probe relays it to the instrument's central processing unit (CPU). The brain of the instrument, often known as the microcomputer, then does the computation and displays the result. A faulty reading will result from a probe that sends back inaccurate data due to surface contamination which is why you need a bluelab probe care kit.

Conductivity and pH probes benefit greatly from regular cleaning, which is also a breeze.


Conductivity Probe Cleaner, 1 x 30 ml Tube
pH Probe Cleaner, 1 x 30ml Tube
One (1) Bluelab Chamois Electrochemical Probe Cleaner
One (1) - Toothbrush Accessories for sterilising pH probes
Calibrating solution of 2.77 EC, two 20-milliliter sachets
Two 20-milliliter vials of a pH-7.0 standard solution
Calibration solution at pH 4.0, in two 20-milliliter sachets
KCL (Potassium Chloride) pH probe storage solution, 2 x 20 ml sachets
Three miniature disposable cups