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Bluelab pH Probe

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All living things, including plants, need a certain set of nutrients (food) in order to develop healthily and successfully. The pH of the nutrition solution is crucial, since plants can only absorb the nutrients it contains within a narrow pH range.

If you want your plants to be able to absorb the nutrients you've added to the water, the water's potential hydrogen, or pH, is crucial.
Your plants won't get the nutrients they need to flourish if your growth solution is either acidic or too alkaline.
Maintaining a pH level within the ideal range is one of the most basic aspects of successful cultivation.
The double-junction probe eliminates contamination from the standard, increasing its useful life.

One hundred percent watertight, not merely water resistant
A BNC plug means it'll work with any other Bluelab gadget you could have.
A 2-meter cable to reach those out-of-the-way spots where measurements need to be taken
To extend the life of your probe, fill the provided storage cap with KCl.
Quick and precise readings are guaranteed by sensors with a high reaction rate.
For long-term durability, the polycarbonate case is built to endure.
Solution EC values of 0.2 and higher are optimal.