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Blossom Blaster - Grotek

Blossom Blaster - Grotek

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The accessible phosphorus in Grotek Blossom Blaster promotes healthy root growth, flowering, and fruiting.

Twice throughout the first three weeks of flowering, you should use this potent flowering supplement.

Blossom Blaster works with any medium and can be used with any fundamental nutrients.

Do not apply to leaves as a spray (directions). Don't ever use anything less than freshly purchased goods. It is not necessary to add anything else to the current methods.
The suggested ratio is 1 gramme of powder to every 10 litres of nutritional solution. 100 grammes yields 1,000 litres of nutritional solution, which is the standard dose.
Phosphate monobasic in composition.

N:P:K 0:39:25.