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Bloombastic Terra Box by Atami is a fertilizer kit that contains all of the necessary products needed to grow your plants perfectly. The kit contains specific nutrients for each of your plants’ stages, keeping a balanced and stable feeding chart during the entire grow in order to get explosive results. This pack also contains Bloombastic, a fattening product that will cause your plants to produce extra layers of resin and a high THC content.

Atami Nutrient Kit for Amazing Grows
Atami is a world-renowned brand that has been giving growers the opportunity to feed their plants professionally for affordable prices. This is one of the few companies specialized in products used for growing cannabis as well as other kinds of plants.

RootFast will help your plants to grow much stronger roots right from the start, feeding better and therefore growing healthier and stronger. Terra Leaves will give your plants the perfect initial growth boost, giving them a much sturdier structure. Terra Max is used to give your plants the macro-elements they need during the flowering period, producing dense, thick, resinous plants.

Atazyme dissolves any leftover organic substances in your flowerpot, turning them into sugars and carbs for your plants and allowing new roots to grow. Bloombastic gives your plants the PK levels they need.

Contents of Bloombastic Terra Box by ATAMI:

1 liter of Terra Leaves (growth fertilizer)
1 liter of Terra Max (flowering fertilizer)
250ml of Bloombastic (a cocktail of bio-minerals NPK 0-14-15 and bio-stimulators)
100ml ATA-Zyme (for a perfect balance of the substrate and keep the root system healthy)
100ml ATA-Rootfast (Root Stimulator)
A Bloombastic grow guide