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Bio Bizz Starter Kit

Bio Bizz Starter Kit

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The Perfect Way to Start Growing Organically - The BioBizz Starter Pack!

BioBizz have been around for a very long time! As they say - only the best survive and BioBizz have stood the test of time. Indeed, they have become synonymous with fantastic organic growing. Now, they have released a starter pack including their famous Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom Nutrients, along with 3 of their superb boosters - Root Juice, Top Max, and Bio-Heaven. With this pack and your favourite quality soil, you'll be growing the highest quality fruits and flowers and be the envy of your friends and fellow growers!

BioBizz - The top name in organic nutrients and boosters since 1992

Starter pack contains all the basic nutrients and boosters you need for a fantastic Organic grow
100% Certified Organic by OMRI, EnvirOganic, Clean Green, and the Control Union Organic EU Input
Unbeatable quality produce which will be the envy of your friends and fellows
Gives your crops a fine sweet taste
Works great with BioBizz Soils

1 x BioBizz Starter's Pack which includes: 
1L Bio-Grow, 1L Bio-Bloom,
250ml Root Juice, 250ml Bio-Heaven,
500ml Top Max, Feeding Chart

Recommended Additional Products

BioBizz Soil (Light-Mix or All-Mix). Or use your favourite soil or coco mix.

Other Optional BioBizz Products

BioBizz Fish-Mix (Alternative veg nutrient to Bio-Grow)
BioBizz Alg-a-Mic (Top quality Kelp extract Booster)
BioBizz Acti-Vera (Breaks down dead matter and boosts plants' immune systems)
BioBizz Organic pH Up
BioBizz Organic pH Down

Please see BioBizz Feed Chart Here.