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What exactly is BiopH+?

Welcome to the Biobizz family, the newest member. It's called BiopH+, and it was created with organic farming in mind.

Biobizz BiopH+ is a humic acid-based solution derived from natural sources, created specifically for growers that want to keep their grow completely organic from seed to harvest.

For plants to receive the maximum quantity of nutrients, pH must be corrected in a natural way. BiopH+'s natural formulation allows for quick pH adjustment of any substrate and for any type of crop without hurting the soil microbes.

It's made to function with Biobizz nutrients and may be utilised in any watering situation. It can be applied during both the growth and flowering phases of the plant's life cycle.

What is the best way to use it?

Combine the Biobizz nutrients and test the pH of the mixture. To raise pH by one point, use 0.1 cc of BiopH+. Add the required amount of BiopH+, stir for 10 seconds, and take another pH reading. Continue applying BiopH+ until you reach the ideal pH range of 6.2-6.5 and are ready to feed your plants the nutrition mix.

Why should you go with BiopH+?

BiopH+ can be used in conjunction with any Biobizz substrate or liquid product during the vegetative and flowering stages, in every watering, and in any combination.

Bio·pH+ doesn't contain any strong acids. This means that this 100% organic pH regulator doesn't harm the substrate micro life.
Keep everything organic in the grow, from seed to harvest!

Please see BioBizz Feed Chart Here.