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BioBizz Starter Kit

BioBizz Starter Kit

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The BioBizz Starter Pack is the ideal way to get started growing organically.

BioBizz has been around for quite a while! Only the finest survive, as the saying goes, and BioBizz has endured the test of time. Indeed, they've become synonymous with exceptional organic farming. They've now released a beginning kit that includes their well-known Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom Nutrients, as well as three of their fantastic boosters: Root Juice, Top Max, and Bio-Heaven. You'll be the envy of your friends and fellow gardeners if you use this pack plus your favourite quality soil to grow the greatest quality fruits and flowers!

Since 1992, BioBizz has been the leading brand in organic nutrients and boosters.
The starter kit includes all of the essential nutrients and boosters for a successful organic grow.

OMRI, EnvirOganic, Clean Green, and the Control Union Organic EU Input have all certified the product as 100 percent organic.
Unbeatable quality food that will make your friends and colleagues envious.
Gives your crops a delicious sweet flavour.
It's perfect for BioBizz Soils.

1L Bio-Grow, 1L Bio-Bloom, 250ml Root Juice, 250ml Bio-Heaven, 500ml Top Max, Feeding Chart are included in this BioBizz Starter's Pack.

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