ATAMI B’Cuzz Soil A&B

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The most important factor in productive soil-based farming

B'cuzz soils A and B have a mineral composition that is both highly concentrated and carefully targeted, providing the (young) plant with just what it needs to mature into a strong and healthy adult.

B’cuzz Substrate fundamental nutrients like those found in soil A&B help keep the ecosystem in a steady state of balance. It includes everything a plant requires throughout its entire life cycle, so you can grow plants in it whether you're inside or out. The B'cuzz universal basic nutrients include many items suitable for use at different times throughout the plant's growth cycle. Both A and B may be adjusted to your preference. Dosing with somewhat more A during the growth phase and slightly more B during the bloom phase is OK.

Suggested Uses:

Numerous types of zucchini, beans, and thyme, among many other fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Even houseplants and plants kept in pots, such larkspur (Delphinium) and attractive grasses, may reap the benefits of this. The correct dose may be modified to meet the specific requirements of every given plant or crop.

High concentrations of certain nutrients in the solution are incompatible, hence the nutrients are packaged in two bottles labelled A and B. You can only combine the A and B concentrations with each other and water.

Fertilized (potting) soil requires 1–3 millilitres of A and 1–3 millilitres of B per litre of water.
Compost for light fertilisation (potting soil): 1–5 millilitres of A and 1–5 millilitres of B per litre of water.

NK 3-3 W/W