Autopot System 1-100 15L Pots

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The 1Pot-100Pot System is very flexible and may be used with a wide range of plant sizes and varieties. Seasonal flowering plants and perennial shrubs benefit greatly from the AQUAvalve's action, which is designed to allow the plant to go through a wet & dry cycle, resulting in an abundance of blossoms and leaves.

With the 1Pot System, adding more pots is simple, and a single tank may support many pots. For common configurations using 9mm or 16mm pipe, please refer to the pictures below. The plant containers and trays are mobile, so you may increase the distance between your plants as they mature. When everything is set up and the water and liquid feed tank is full, this highly adaptable system will provide for all of your plants' needs.

1x 9mm golf filter
1x 1Pot tray with cover and 9mm top cap grommet
1x 15ltr pot
1x 9mm inline tap
1x AQUAvalve5
1.5-meter length of 9mm pipe
1x marix disc
1x root control disc (One per pot)

Pipes come in a variety of sizes and measurements, including 9mm (outside diameter) and 16mm (outside diameter) and 13mm (inside diameter).
PLEASE NOTE: 47L Tank for 1-6 Pot Systems, 100L Tanks 8-10 Pot System, 225L Tank 12-16 Pot System, 400L 24-60 Pot System