Autopot 1 Pot XL Kit (modual with fittings. No tank)

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The 1Pot XL, created by AutoPot to satisfy the needs of the serious gardener, is ideal for those who want to grow enormous plants and harvest enormous amounts of food. The tray of this unique design opens like a clam to make room for the XL 25-liter pot.

Growing a large plant in a pot with a circular base makes it simple to move the pot around in a tray. The 1Pot XL is perfect for large specimen plants like blueberry bushes and Japanese maples, and it may be used as a standalone unit or linked to other reservoirs to make massive systems of any size and shape. The 1Pot XL comes complete with all the plumbing and AQUAvalves you'll need to keep your plants watered and well-fed throughout their entire growth cycle.

Design for adaptability.

Due to its modular construction and spherical base, each 1Pot XL module may be easily removed, placed, or rotated. A lighting system that can be modified in this way is optimal at all times during development.

A 25-liter container ensures steady, healthy growth for your plants. The 1Pot XL module's extraordinary capacity eliminates the need to transfer plants to a larger pot as they grow.

Protecting plant life.

Essential for the stock, specimen, and mother plants with which commercial and hobby gardeners populate greenhouses, each module is fed by its own AQUAvalve, adapting to the needs of the plant and guaranteeing each plant to develop at its own rate.