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AirComfort Temp/Humidity Sensor
AirComfort Temp/Humidity Sensor

AirComfort Temp/Humidity Sensor

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Inspired by the shape of thermometer with a flash of mixed colors, the Aircomfort is a product that simple but elegant design with a wonderful appearance for users.

With one aim in mind, to develop a connected device that measures temperature and humidity, the compact design allows Aircomfort to blend into the surrounding, free-standing or suspended.

Using a low energy short range wireless connection, AirComfort can work up to a year long with a small coin battery.

Hygrometer and Thermometer for Horticulture with Notification on iOS and Android Devices

  • Track your grow rooms Temperature & Humidity
  • AirComfort captures, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly grow room conditions giving you a total climate condition of your grow
  • One year replaceable battery, onboard three month memory
  • Create your own custom Temperature & Humidity Alerts
  • FREE Dashboard+ Cloud account & FREE iOS & Android APP included