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Advanced Nutrients - Carbo Load
Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients - Carbo Load

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Carbo Load by Advanced Nutrients has been scientifically designed with all indoor growers in mind! Carbo Load is designed to give your plants the exact organic carbohydrates they require at exactly the right-time – to fill them up with all the energy they need to keep growing bigger, fuller, heavier and more delicious harvests.

This unique bloom enhancer contains the Perfect mix of simple and complex 100% organic carbohydrates – which makes it superior for two reasons: one, if you’re growing organically and what to keep your plants fully organic then you can still use this fantastic bloom enhancer. Second, studies show that indoor plants take up organic carbohydrates more easily.

Carbo Load has a proprietary blend of glucose, arabinose and xylose, combined with fulvic acids. So your plants get simple sugars at just the right time, giving them immediate flower boosting power. Plus fulvic acids gives your plants more efficient roots. Specifically, it helps your plants absorb carbohydrates more easily and protects them from drought, oxygen-deprivation, stress and diseases.

Carbo Load doesn’t just feed your plants the carbs they need – but also feeds them root-enhancing microbes for maximising your plants root zone. You will benefit from beneficial microbes because they boost root function and size so your plants uptake nutrients and water better and more efficiently resulting in faster growth and bigger yields.

Advanced Nutrients Carbo Load is available in two forms: powder which is perfect for hand watering gardeners and liquid perfect for hydroponics systems including: Aeroponic, NFT, Flood and Drain, Deep Water Culture (DWC) and is suitable with all mediums.

Typical dose: 1 litre liquid will make 500 litres of nutrient solution or 40g will make 133 litres of nutrient solution


Liquid: 2ml per litre throughout the flowering cycle