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Plant bio stimulant Buddha's Tree Advanced Meta Boost is designed to be utilised during the flowering time. Use in conjunction with Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 for the best possible results, or any other high quality PK booster. Many growers believe this product to be superior to Canna Boost.

Nutritional absorption is increased; growth rates are increased; and overall health is improved.

Energises – Metabolic Boost
The correct form of fuel is provided to plant cells by Buddha's Tree Advanced Meta Boost, increasing metabolic reaction rates in plants. As a result, your plants will save energy by not having to convert and produce their own fuel. The saved energy will be put to good use in the synthesis of terpenes, sugars, oils, and resins, which will enhance the flavour and scent of the final product. Meta- BOOST enables plants to utilise nutrients in a comprehensive and effective manner. Larger yields and better quality are guaranteed as a result of the increased nutrient uptake.

Stimulates - Growth Bio Stimulant
One of the most potent plant biostimulants in the world, Buddha's Tree Advanced Meta Boost is derived from seaweed rich in growth stimulators. Auxins, Cytokinins, and Amino Acids are a few examples. Cytokinins promote root and growing tip cell division, increase flowering sites, and age leaves. Auxins play a critical role in plant growth and development as a hormone. Amino acids are essential for your plants throughout their whole life cycle. Numerous vital components for plant growth are produced by utilising amino acids such as glutamine and lysine.

Protects - Health Promoter
Carbohydrate synthesis in stressed plants is reduced and occasionally totally halted, resulting in a lack of amino acids and other essential nutrients. While hunting for and utilising alternate sources of amino acids, your plants are wasting valuable energy (such as the breaking down of structural proteins). As a result, plant vigour and yield will be diminished, as well as quality. Betaine Glycerine is also included in Advanced Meta-BOOST. When plants have been negatively affected by environmental conditions, this chemical will naturally provide additional protection.

Directions for use : Use 0.5ml to 2ml per Litre depending on what stage you are in your cycle.